Promises, promises

Those who deny there is a God, or that He is active in this world, would do well to consider that two things throughout history have been a favorite target for destruction: the Jewish people, and the Scriptures (Old and New Testatments). Not only are both still around, but they have a way of reviving and thriving every time they’re written off as finished.

In China it is known as the “sacred doctrine” and it has become one of the country’s bestselling books. Yet it has nothing to do with the thoughts of Chairman Mao and its teachings have been in conflict with the forces of Communism for generations.

Demand for the Bible is soaring in China, at a time when meteoric economic growth is testing the country’s allegiance to Communist doctrine. Today the 50 millionth Bible will roll off the presses of China’s only authorised publisher, Amity Printing, amid public fanfare and celebration….

Authorities at the officially approved Protestant and Catholic churches put the size of China’s Christian population at about 30 million. But that does not include the tens of millions more who worship in private at underground churches loyal to the Vatican or to various Protestant churches.

As Billy Graham once said about “seeing” God, “I’ve never seen the wind. I’ve seen the effects of the wind, but I’ve never seen the wind. There’s a mystery to it.” But there is no mystery about His promises.

“Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away.” Matthew 24:35

(HT: Vox Day)


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