Globalism uber alles?

More and more I’m beginning to understand the ever-growing protest rallies at venues like the G8 summits. Globalism isn’t driven by the average Joe. It’s driven by people with vested interests and a desire for power, whether legal or economic. The convergence of ever-larger transnational governing bodies, and the “global consciousness” movements associated with the more radical global warming prophets, bodes ill for the little guy who just wants to be left alone to pursue the traditions of his ancestors.

Tyranny’s newest face is Globalism. Big-Government globalists have combined the radicalism of both Fascism and Communism to create an even deadlier authoritarian ideology, one I’ve tagged as the “Top Secret Nation” ideology, after the Val Kilmer comedy. The Globalists take the universalism of the Communists, the corporatism of the Fascists, and from each the glorification of violence and centralization, and you have the most deadly political bomb ever created. Whether today’s Globalists call themselves antifa, liberal interventionists, or Neocons, their agenda is the same, the destruction of limited government and its foundation, traditional culture, and the imposition of an all-powerful central government reigning over a deracinated, heavily surveilled population.

For confirmation, just look at their core beliefs. It doesn’t matter if they call themselves liberal or conservative; they militantly promote, and demand you do, too, the following:

1 – Open Borders—and if you don’t you’re a racist.

2 – Internationalism—cultural differences are merely accidents of history, and must be eliminated, because people are the same all over the world.

3 – The legitimacy of force—an inherently flawed world must be reconstructed. Because it is perversely defensive of its traditions, the only means of liberating people from the trappings of the past is to destroy their institutions, and then set to work replacing them with more enlightened models.

But to win over traditional conservatives, such radicalism has to be sold as conservatism. That’s why we’re being assured that the most patriotic American is the one who embraces universal ideals, ideals that must be imposed by force. As Fred Kagan has argued, America was not meant to be a peaceful republic, but an ideological empire with the mission of transforming the world…

Ironically, our original national vision of being an example, “a city on a hill,” has transformed into one of militant crusading in the name of ill-defined ‘democracy’ abroad. That crusading threatens not only the rest of the world, but what remains of our freedoms at home.


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