I found this amusing:

Bush campaigned in 2000 as a “uniter,” but he’s become nearly as divisive a figure as Hillary Clinton in some respects. There’s the camp who think he’s the tragic saint, standing against the tide of the stupid public masses who don’t know what’s best for them. Then there are those who see him as Satan incarnate. As usual, the truth is somewhere well in the middle. But criticism of his policies is not nearly as beyond the pale as some die-hard loyalists would put it, considering the fact Bush took great pains to declare himself “The Decider.”

Leaving Iraq aside for the moment, when the national debt increases by a record amount, as does government spending (not all of it on war, mind you), the housing market implodes because of the Fed’s incompetence and/or gimmickery, and the dollar plunges to new lows in value, it’s safe to say your watch wasn’t a smashing success…


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