God the Father, not Mother Earth

I’ve said it before, but as Earth Day celebrations occur around the world, it’s worth saying again: there’s a vast difference between stewardship and nature worship. One can take care of something without idolizing it.

Think “idolize” is too strong a term? Think how some of “The Goracle’s” accolytes refer to the planet: Mother Earth, Gaia, etc. They express a “love” for the planet. Don’t get me wrong: I have a healthy respect for the complex creation we call home. But “love?” I was taught early on that love occurs between personalities… in other words, the ‘object’ of affection has to be able to return it. Those who chant “love your Mother,” referring to the earth, are conveying a spiritual/divine status on a mass of matter orbiting 93 million miles from its star. In other words, such a construct takes on the status of a religion, not a responsibility. It’s pagan pantheism for the 21st century.

Worth remembering as you fill the recycle bin today. Such activity is prudence, not pennance. Christians SHOULD be known as good stewards… but we need to be careful we’re not coopted into transferring our affections from the Creator to the creation.

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