Rollover – posting 1.000

According to Blogger, this is post #1000 for yours truly. In honor of the occasion, some musical reminders of why I continue to do this, despite often feeling like Jeremiah writing a modern Lamentations for my own country:

Some favorite posts from the past two-plus years:
Confessions of a recovering Republican
What’s in your wallet?
The Spirit and the Sword
Words that stand the test of time
Sidling along
The new “Old 100th”
The ultimate separation of powers
Decapitating a Hydra (and other futile gestures)
Your own political Jesus
Haven’t we been here before?
A Force-ful public service ad
The West — diagnosis: Lupus?
The Law or the Lawgiver?
Caesar, Christ, Cordite & Clergy
Harnessing Leviathan
A Progressive Answer
Each seeing one side dimly
Monsters, Inc.


4 thoughts on “Rollover – posting 1.000

  1. Congratulations on your thousandth post! Keep up the good work.Jeremiah is a good role model; sometimes he didn’t want to carry the message but he kept on keeping on regardless, just as your’e doing.-VA

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