Ups and downs

Those who lump all faiths into the same category sometimes make the statement “all roads lead to the top of the mountain.” As with many popular sayings, this one is highly oversimplified. Any mountain climber can tell you categorically that not all roads on a slope reach to the top. Mount Everest, for example, really only has two routes to the summit, one considerably more dangerous than the other. Sure, you can decide to “off road it” there. But that’s about as smart as straying from God’s revealed Word. The results are the same… one’s just a little more eternal than the other.

The “mountain path” bit came up in conversation with a good friend today. His response? Everything in a funnel goes in the same direction… and if you’re not getting out of it, you’re just circling the drain.

The other reason I like that thought is this: the Bible teaches our salvation is not by our own works. It’s a gift from God. We don’t lift ourselves up the mountain by some self-appointed road. Instead, He lifts us out of the vortex of sin that holds creation in its power just as surely as the force of gravity. The analogy is not as flattering to our sense of pride, but no less true because of that.


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