Peeling away the presents, for the real Gift

I’m starting early this year with the “Christmas-has-become-a-materialistic, stress-inducing holiday-hardly-worth-the-label-“holy day” rant. No one should complain, since our corporate string-pullers see fit to induce the “holiday buying season” programming earlier every year. What, you thought that holiday muzak in the store was meant for cheerful ambiance? Two words: Pavlov. Dog.

With all the economic uncertainty, I’m sure the calls will be redoubled for “spending our way out of recession.” I hope people are able to resist, and in the process peel away all the “stuff” that’s accumulated and blocked out the real meaning of the season.

On CNN today, I heard Suze Orman answer the following question: “We have no money and considerable credit card debt. Should we dip into our paltry emergency fund to pay for Christmas for the kids?”

What a sad commentary on our culture. No, you should not spend money you might need for food on a transformer. How do we live in a society where this is even a question?

I have no doubt that that parent is miserably thinking about how her kids will feel when all their classmates have new Christmas presents, and they have nothing to show. What makes me mad is that we’ve created an environment where the most magical thing that can happen to a child is to be given a few pieces of plastic glued together in China.


(HT: Instapundit)


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