"Now that I’m not about to die…"

The Bible told us there’d be people like this

Manhattanite Tess Sosa, who escaped the sinking plane with her husband and two small children, thought the airline was too focused on self-congratulations – and “they want to exonerate themselves as much as they can.”

“They are happy they had such amazing results, and they applaud themselves, and then give us a small token?” she said. “That’s how I take it.”

The airline announced the upgrades and other perks last week in a letter Sosa described as “frigid” at best.

“You’re going to crash me into the water, and you’re going to tell me all I get is an upgrade?” asked Antonio Sales, 20, who was traveling with the University of South Carolina’s track team. “That’s more of an ‘OK, you’re not dead, I’ll give you something to hold on to.’ It’s not enough at all.”

Hey, Antonio: “crashing you into the water” was the reason you’re alive to complain! Too many people see our legal system as a huge lottery… you end up in just he right circumstances, you get a free ticket to pick someone else’s pocket. There’s a time and a place for awarding damages. This is not one of them. The ONLY responsible parties in the Hudson River crash are these guys.

I’ve got news for these ingrates: you already won the lottery, by virtue of surviving what by all rights should have been a tragedy. Live a life worthy of the miracle, will you?


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