The long view of motherhood

I’m very grateful the two most important women in my life have an eternal perspective. Neither find their satisfaction in life through status or career achievement; rather, they are focused on their family and using their talents to bless those around them.

Though my wife has a college education she prefers to use it to educate our kids at home, rather than trying to find self-worth through a paycheck. I realize we’re very fortunate to have that option; God gave us wisdom early in our marriage that set us up to be able to provide for our family on one income.

My own mother had to work outside the home in order for our family to make ends meet, but she never neglected her role in molding my sister and me to be the people God intended. Both my parents worked hard, but they made time to help me with schoolwork, or to practice for the Bible Drill competitions I enjoyed each year. A significant amount of my early theological education took place in a humble laundry room, where Mom taught me both to press shirts and to press onward to the prize. And when I took a bit of a detour in life after leaving home, she prayed consistently for the seeds she’d planted to continue to grow in my heart.

Now both my mother and my wife are pouring themselves into the Musketeers, working with me to bring them up as men who will honor the Lord. There are so many other goals our world offers to women, the distractions of the Vanity Fair. None of those things will carry into eternity the way our childrens’ souls will. I am blessed by two women who know where to find their joy.

Happy Mother’s Day to both of them!


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