Painted projections

There’s a lot more than a grain of truth in this cartoon:

One reason I don’t believe the current political interplay will end well is that neither major party is interested in dispassionate discussion over the proper role of government and its secondary, often unintended consequences. Instead, anyone who questions the alleged all-powerful beneficence of the State is automatically denounced as a racist ‘hater.’ Where this can be shown to have a degree of cognitive dissonance, the public spotlight is quickly shifted to a scene that appears to better support the preferred narrative… even if that scene has to be contrived.

The situation of the average American, who just wants to be left alone to live their life, reminds me of the joke about the man, his son and his donkey. While riding into town, a passerby comments how heartless the man is to ride while making his son walk. Not wanting to appear heartless, he switches with his son. Later, another passerby tsks the son for making the old man walk. Not wanting to appear insensitive, the son suggests they both ride. The donkey quickly tires, causing yet another onlooker to shake their head, suggesting if they cared for their animal, they’d carry it instead. They take the suggestion, but while passing over a bridge, stumble and accidentally toss the poor animal to its death. The moral? If you try to please everyone, you just end up losing your a**.

For a couple generations, liberty-loving Americans have been cowed into obedience with false flag emotional charges of racism, sexism, and general wrongheadedness. Significant numbers are finally realizing no matter how much they work to get along, those who seek to rule them will pull out the anti-social epithets at the first sign of disagreement.

They’re also realizing names don’t hurt that bad after all when standing up for your principles… much to the consternation of the Left. Whether that means we end up at the sticks and stones alternative is anyone’s guess.


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