NOW we’re talking…

The only chance of reigning in a federal government that clearly believes it can do whatever it wants, is for another node(s) of power to be in position to check it. That was the whole idea of federalism in the first place.

And it seems States are finally–slowly–starting to awaken from their long post-war slumber… not a moment too soon, and quite possibly several decades too late… (click to enlarge)

Cutting off the flow of tax loot to D.C. would be like taking the oxygen away from a fire. That’s why the 16th Amendment was such a devastating blow to the balance of power — that, along with the direct election of Senators, allowed Uncle Sam to reach directly into the pockets of individuals, completely bypassing the States that collectively had the power to keep him at bay.

Given the GOP’s track record, I don’t expect this resolution to amount to anything more than political posturing. But still, to see such a potent and appropriate remedy being proposed, even for show, is yet another sign of the times.


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