Knowing your audience

I actually have to give TSA an infinitesimal amount of credit… they know their recruiting demographic:

Pizza eaters have been invited to grab a piece of the Transportation Security Officer pie. Co-worker Michelle Basch at WTOP writes: “…I ordered pizza tonight from a local place, and it came in boxes with ads on them, recruiting for the TSA! I’ve never seen a job ad on a pizza box before…and does this mean the TSA is desperate, or just creative?”

The ad touts the perk of “X-ray vision:”

…but I strongly suspect THIS is the X-ray vision they consider the real draw…

Of course, people still think I’m weird when I’m occasionally fool enough to refer out loud to the TSA as a jobs program for former high school outcasts and would-be hall monitor fascists with dangerous delusions of importance.

But hey, what do I know?


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