Election thoughts

First, despite my serious misgivings about the GOP, I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the Democrats in Congress get thrashed. This was the Tweet of the day: (HT: Instapundit)

On the other hand, there’s much to agree with in this thought:

It’s still amazing and depressing that John McCain was elected yet again; what is wrong with the people in Arizona? I mean this is the same state which has taken such bold action on illegal immigration, and yet they re-elect Mr. Amnesty himself? Somebody please explain that to me.

It’s quite possible divided government over the next couple years will reign in the breakneck government absorption of the entire economy. But it won’t reverse the damage that’s already been done. We’ve past the point of no return in so many respects that it will take a systematic reset to level off and move forward again. Before that can happen, Americans will be forced to choose, finally, between liberty and the illusion of cradle-to-grave security.


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