When I posted yesterday, I happened to notice today would be the 2,000th post. I had no idea when I started this on a lark back in 2006 that I’d still be typing away at it, nearly five years later.

As I did back when I hit the 1,000th post, here’s a look back at some of the various scribblings over the months… for those of you who read here regularly: thanks. I write for my own reasons, not least to clarify my own thinking. But it is nice to know there are a few folks who think it worth their time.

Government = bait and switch
The patriot and the nationalist
“Are you not entertained?”
The governed do not consent
The red parts of the New Testament
Can’t… stop… laughing…
Again, it’s “for the children”
Bloody peasants!!
Haiku for you
wrong… Wrong… WRONG!
The Source of security
Chains, and the dropping of pretense
Body piercing saved my life
Freedom, freeloaders and Federal folderol


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