Dishonest, but not disqualified??

So… several days after alleging his Twitter account was hacked, the aptly named Congressman Anthony Weiner (D-icky) finally confesses that yes, he used the social medium to send an explicit photo of his, um, namesake, to a female acquaintance.  Only he apparently used the equivalent of “reply all,” vice keeping his, um, private message private.

And while he really, really, really feels bad about the whole thing, and is a tad red-faced, he doesn’t plan to resign his seat in Congress.  After all, the New York Post called him the “new persona of the Democratic Party.”   Yeah… JFK and ol’ Bill Clinton didn’t have access to such wonders as Twitter…

But enough gratuitous snark.  I think one of the sure signs this country’s headed for disaster is there is no sense of shame anymore.  Period.  And yes, this is a bi-partisan problem (frankly, it’s a national issue), but it also represents an advantage for the Democrats.  Most Republican leaders have to at least pretend to hew to the straight and narrow.  Sadly, partisan loyalty has become so rigid that Dick Morris can be a regular guest on Faux News, and Newt “leave the cancer-stricken wife” Gingrich still thinks he’s presidential material.

But can anyone really question that if Weiner were a Republican  he’d be able to say “I’m not resigning” at the end of his press conference?  ***ANY*** elected official shown to have deliberately deceived the public on ANYTHING — particularly a matter of personal character — should immediately be deemed unfit for office and removed.  Weiner is banking on voters’ short memories and hoping he’ll be reelected.  It’s depressing to think how good a wager that is anymore.

The Bible’s clear: ALL have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.  But when one shows such utter lack of discretion, coupled with a willingness to lie and cover up, is it really too much to ask that they leave the stage and wrestle with their particular peccadilloes in, um, private?


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