It’s life, Jim, but not as we know it…

I’ve seen several stories in the past couple of days noting that some scientists now believe the Viking probes found life on Mars three decades ago:

A new analysis of results from experiments carried out by the 1976 Viking mission to Mars indicates the presence of microbes in the Martian soil…
…those results have been re-examined with an emphasis on the mathematical complexity of the data. You’d expect more complexity from samples containing biological life than from inert ones – and this is exactly what the scientists found.  (emphasis added)

“It’s all there, right in the math!  You don’t understand it?  Well, have faith trust us, we’re priests scientists!”  I’m agnostic on the question of life elsewhere in the universe, though I do believe the Biblical worldview tends to preclude it.  In fact, I believe that’s the subconscious motivation behind the constant scramble to “prove” there is life off-world… to contradict a fair reading of Scripture.

So while our “best and brightest” spend millions of dollars and countless hours looking for “E.T.,” many of the same group refuse to recognize life much closer to home:


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