Vote until we get what we want…

Watch this, then tell me how there is ANY fundamental difference between the Republican machine and the Democratic machine:

After being surprised by the sharp division in the first voice vote, the chairman then calls not for one, but TWO more votes… then arbitrarily decides he hears 2/3 of the delegates voting the way the party’s leadership believes the platform should go.

This is representative government?

Note that I’m not even focused on the issues they were discussing. I’m focused on the BLATANT MANIPULATION of process that provides a (microscopically thin) veneer of participation to what the powers-that-be have ALREADY decided. BOTH parties are guilty of this. BOTH display authoritarian tendencies, and neither cares one whit about what their nominal ‘base of support’ believes, except to the extent it can be used to ‘rouse the rabble’ of their respective banner. It should be instructive for anyone paying attention to compare this DNC charade with what happened last week to Ron Paul supporters at the RNC. And that’s the problem… too few are paying any attention. They’re too captured by the various weapons of mass distraction, and the quadrennial rah-rah of cheerleading for “Blue” or “Red.”

Me?  I say “a plague on both your houses.”  If there were any courage of conviction left in the nation at large, significant numbers of RNC and DNC delegates would have publicly walked out of their conventions in protest of this charade.  Unfortunately:


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