Speak now, or forever hold your peace

The enemies of Western Civilization have gotten as far as they have eating away the foundations simply through audacity and constant activism.  Whereas the desire of the average well-informed citizen is to merely be left alone and pursue their own interests, the Statists and the power-driven (but I repeat myself) never tire of attacking whatever societal bulwarks get in their way.   For a long time, the heirs of the West have tried to find a way to live with and accommodate this growing ideological cancer.  But it takes two to tolerate, and the Gramscians will brook no compromise whatever in their drive for cultural hegemony. (You didn’t really think the term “culture wars” was merely an editorial metaphor, did you?)

So it is that despite half a century of being lectured to about Civil Rights, moving to break down the barriers between groups of citizens, the rank and file are still subject to being tarred as racist simply for disagreeing with the policies of the first President with an elevated melanin count.

Those same citizens are tut-tutted publicly for daring to think a national border is something that is supposed to have meaning — and government effort behind it.

They are taxed to support the shamelessly non-productive, and accused of greed simply for wanting to determine for themselves how the fruit of their labors are spent — and who the beneficiaries should be.

They are continually urged to fear and attack the ‘rogue regime of the week,’ as the ruling elites seek to use the power of misguided patriotism to blind people to their misdeeds at home.

They are lied to, swindled, abused and defrauded by their leaders in government, business and the community, and never see the perpetrators brought to anything resembling justice.   Should the citizens happen to transgress some minor edict of the ruling class, however, or even merely have property somebody sees an opportunity to seize, the full weight of the State falls like a rockslide.

And despite the drumbeating of ‘Homeland Security’ the past dozen years, Americans watch as unrest, crime, and outright thuggery are on the increase.

It is a hallmark of the civilized to show restraint.  But it is also their greatest weakness.  Those who would destroy all this nation has ever stood for now sense they are within a measurable distance of their goal.  As they observe their opponents finally starting to take notice of this, their shrill calls against all the thoughtcrime in their cannon are meant to shout down this belated awakening long enough to finish the job.

The question is whether it will work.  Decades of subtle conditioning would seem to give them pretty fair Vegas odds of success.

The barbarians are well inside the gates.  And the corridors of power.

There are far worse fates than to be falsely accused of anti-social tendencies.    Wake up, people — SPEAK UP, people — or you may never have the chance again!


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