A tale of two Black Fridays

It seems now every year the media is prepositioned to highlight the tales of brawling, snarling consumers trampling one another for ‘doorbreaker’ deals on Black Friday.  And every year it seems the hype leading up the weekend is amped just a little bit more.

Interestingly, a Facebook friend of mine (who is not a Christian), had this to say this morning:

I think (Black Friday) appeals to people as it satisfies four deadly sins in one outing. Lust (nonsexual unless you’re into rubbing up against many people); greed, because people usually already have one of those plastic items they will kill their neighbor for or they buy three of the same item; pride, so they can show off that they scored the latest piece of crap that everyone wants; and envy, because they might not be shooting it out with their neighbor if they did not think someone else on the block had something cooler than what they have in their box dwelling. (Disclaimer: Oxford semi-colons included at no extra cost and Wiki was used for a research tool on the Seven Deadly Sins)

I had to reply that I believe he’s spot on – this manufactured High Holy Day of Commercialism is the antithesis of everything the teachings of Christ and the Word of God convey.   It emphasizes the material over the personal, things over people, and self at the expense of or in competition with others.   It is the worst of mankind’s fallen nature, played like a fiddle by the one who knows how to get man to dance to his tune.  The lack of self-control or concern for others exhibited on this day may be the purest distillation of the lack of discipline and empathy that is the root cause of our civilization’s decay.

One Black FridayThere was another thought I encountered online, however, that complemented my friend’s thoughts, though he doesn’t yet profess faith in its truth (see image):

The insatiable human appetite for anything is driven by a craving that resulted from separation from the One thing that satisfies.  Perhaps our world would be far better off   if the day of Thanks to God were followed by a day (…or 364 or so…) dedicated to Seeking God, rather than the shopping gods.


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