Publicists of the world, unite!

Please excuse the break in posting… I gave myself a week off for Christmas!  Proprietor’s prerogative.  😉

As 2013 comes to a close, it’s increasingly difficult to tell what is supposed to set America apart from the rest of the world anymore.  From ZeroHedge:

The following brilliant collage of actual photos put together by Frank Schallmaier at the Dutch Volkskrant, shows two things: a narcissistic, megalomanical, self-absorbed supreme ruler of a socialist paradise and another guy who apparently has an identical taste in propaganda pics(Click image to enlarge)

Obama vs Kim..

It’s not the pictures that bother me, though, so much as the convergence in practices.

Rule by fiat? Check.
Checkpoints? Check.
Memory holes? Check.
Intrusive and pervasive monitoring?  Check.

Like the Washington Post said, 2013 is the year ‘that proved your paranoid friend right.’  Between the anarchy of social breakdown and the increasingly authoritarian overreach of government, it’s time to buckle up… gonna be a bumpy 2014!


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