Giving away the farm

At the rate things are going on all fronts, there will be little left–of the very little that IS left–of historic America by the end of the current administration:

* The government continues, through its policies, to ‘elect a new people,’ importing thousands annually who have no background or experience in limited, constitutional government.  This is, of course, on top of the full-on invasion of illegal immigration the government is complicit in permitting, by refusing to get serious about stopping it.

* After using taxpayer money to ‘bailout’ one of the remaining “American” automakers, the government sells its stake for a loss then arranges for foreign ownership

* The administration continues to blame current economic woes on a system–free market capitalism–that hasn’t really existed in America for a century.  Nice propaganda tactic, there…

* High-ranking officials continue to lecture other countries on their failings, all while apparatchiks here at home replicate them.

* The government insists the 4th Amendment doesn’t mean what it says, and the 2nd Amendment only applies if you’re willing to jump through whatever hoops they designate on a given day.

* Meanwhile, despite all this illegal intrusion in the name of ‘public safety,’ it’s getting notably less safe in public, as the barbarians continue vandalizing what’s left of our civilization’s ruins…

* Nannies in government claim that the social costs of certain individual choices justify controlling what you may buy and consume… but that it’s unconstitutional to require welfare recipients (who depend on the tax dollars of others) to undergo drug testing (that’s only for people earning their living).  Another example of leftist consistency…

* And while Americans were increasingly concerned at the information they gleaned amongst the weapons of mass distraction in 2013, it’s safe to say that if there’s any journalism worth the name in 2014, they haven’t seen anything yet.  One wonders what happens when everybody’s approval ratings hit zero.

Remember, though — this is an election year.  No Incumbents, Please!


2 thoughts on “Giving away the farm

  1. Good Day JT — hey brother, I’m looking to “buy a farm” Thank you for your notes — they are both an encouragement and at times, a good rebuke for me to ponder as I walk this journey.


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