The Divine sense of humor

Many people may not realize it, since the corporate media have chosen to downplay it, but the ship of ‘passengers’ that got stuck in the Antarctic Christmas Eve largely consisted of “Global Warming” devotees who were retracing an earlier expedition through the region.  Their goal was to measure ice thickness, presumably to then trumpet how much it had dwindled over the years due to the environmental sins of mankind.

And then they got stuck in a thick ice pack.  Good one, God!

But wait, there’s more!  After more than a week stuck aboard ship, 59 of the passengers were airlifted to a Chinese icebreaker Jan. 2, one of three ships that had tried unsuccessfully to reach and free the trapped ship.

…and now THAT ship is expressing concern about its ability to move in the heavy ice!

Add this to the pattern of the “Al Gore effect,” and one has to wonder if we’re being given a case study in how God chooses to amuse Himself.



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