Self-delegitimizing government

I don’t always agree with Vox, though I find him persuasive more often than not.  This is one quote I wish I didn’t agree with, based on my own observations:

What we are witnessing is the ongoing self-delegitimization of the US federal government. It is impossible to pretend any longer that there is a rule of law in the USA. It is impossible to pretend any longer that the government is the servant of the people. Like the fire to which George Washington compared it, the dangerous servant has become the fearful master.

This is why the American people are arming at a rate that has never been seen before. They are not afraid of crime. They are afraid of their government. On some inarticulate level of consciousness, they are aware of this: an unreasonable, ineloquent master who knows only the use of intimidation and force is bound to resort to the latter when the former fails.

Anyone who proclaims belief in the basic utility and goodness of government as it exists today is either in on the take, incapable of reason, or desperately seeking to avoid the red pill.  I suspect one day soon, however, burying one’s head in the sand will no longer be an option.


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