Remember who the real enemy is

Tonight the President will deliver the annual pablum known as the State of the Union address.  Far from being a report on the true state of living in the formerly land of the free and home of the brave, it will be yet another partisan pep rally of applause lines and passive-aggressive political sniping.  Pundits from both approved sides of the aisle will parse paragraphs and puff chests, in an attempt to deliver “red meat” to their particular base.

And thus will another Two Minutes’ Hate toward their political team of choice divert Americans’ increasing exasperation from its legitimate target.  Few of those watching from home (if they even bother), will stop to consider that the message isn’t really meant for them.  It’s meant for the denizens of the Capitol — that isolated bastion of idealism that remains insulated from the effects of its wretched policies.  Want proof of the disconnect?  The President enjoys an 80% approval rating there!  And why not?  After all, it’s not as if unemployment is rising, or house prices falling, in that Federal enclave of unreality.

In the popular series “The Hunger Games,” the protagonist is reminded the second time she’s forced to fight for her life to “remember who the enemy is.”  Americans need to realize it isn’t the (R) or (D) after a politician’s name that’s the problem.  It’s the political class itself, along with the enormous power it’s amassed — powers the Founders NEVER intended for it to have.  The incestuous, interlocking relationships between Big Government, Big Business and Big Media have created an aristocracy that is isolated both from the peasantry (that would be those of us in “flyover country”) and accountability.

I heard earlier today that a number of Congresscritters, in the latest PR stunt, would be wearing orange badges to the State of the Union event to signify their support of “bipartisanship.”  Americans don’t need no stinking badges.  There’s an excellent way this year to show our bipartisanship as a people:


the problem


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