“Noah?” Uh, no.

A Hollywood bigwig is frustrated that Christians want Biblical accounts treated accurately when brought to the big screen:

“I was upset — of course,” the director says of Paramount testing alternate versions of the $125 million epic (“Noah”) as he and the studio break their silence on efforts to appease a small but vocal segment of the faith-based audience: “Those people can be noisy.”

What’s interesting is the characterization of evangelical Christians as a “small” segment of the audience… and yet it apparently involves enough potential revenue the studio is concerned about offending it.  Which is it?

This article makes clear that any concession to Biblical accuracy will merely be an attempt to gain revenue.  It is not a reflection of any respect for the message of the account of Noah: that there IS a God who, despite His desire to have a relationship with humanity, will not suspend judgement of sin indefinitely.  And yet that same God provides a means of deliverance from judgement, for those who will trust Him.

That is a message the world needs to hear as much today as it ever has — so naturally, the Prince of the Power of the Air(waves) will do his utmost to muddle it.

Dear Christian: if you have any commitment to Biblical truth, vote with your wallet and take a pass on this film.  Spend your money with those who respect the messages of God’s Word, not just its box office potential.  If your curiosity must be sated wait and rent it from Netflix, so that those folks only get to sell a single DVD, not thousands of theater tickets.  Anything else sends a green light to Hollywood to make more of this junk.


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