Follow the money

Republican-leaning pundits are touting a new study that seems to shatter the meme that their side is the one with all the rich political donors.  And there’s certainly something to that (click to enlarge):


I’m not really interested in the partisan “see, told you so” angle.  Yes, this does show that all the calculated demonization of the Koch brothers is more than a little hypocritical.  But here were my initial thoughts when I looked at this:

– $2 billion over 25 years — or roughly $80 million a year — is a lot of money to be sloshing around for partisanship.  That could have been seed money for a variety of useful projects.  That the donors thought it more profitably spent on politics goes to show how much power has been amassed in that ‘game.’

– Corporations, unions and action groups have no business being able to direct this amount of money into politics.   (And what the heck is the University of California — a publicly-funded entity — doing making campaign donations??)  This chart clearly illustrates the corrupting power of the intersection of Big Business, Big Labor and Big Government.  The little guy doesn’t stand a chance.   We vote as citizens… we should fund our elections as citizens: individually.    Like the critics of unlimited spending on ‘corporate free speech’ like to say: “I’ll consider a corporation to be a ‘person’ when Texas executes one.”

Whatever America 2.0 ends up looking like, I sincerely hope it finds a way to prevent this cancer from regrowing.


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