Reform, not revolution

One of my main concerns over the state of modern America is that conditions are historically ripe for ‘revolution.’  Despite the U.S. veneration of the American War for Independence, revolutions seldom work out well for anyone involved:

As my dictionary so perfectly defines, “revolution” has two meanings.
First, it can denote an overthrow of a sitting government, whether violent or ‘bloodless’.

But in celestial terms, ‘revolution’ denotes a complete orbit around a fixed axis. In other words, after one revolution, you end up right back where you started.
So whether violent or non-violent, or whether in a voting booth or on the streets, revolutions put a country right back where it started.

In the French revolution, people traded an absolute monarch in Louis the XVI for a genocidal dictator in Robespierre for a military dictator in Napoleon.
In 1917, the Russians traded Tsarist autocracy for Communist autocracy.  ((and thence for ‘strongman rule’ under Vladimir Putin — Jemsion))
In 2011, Egyptians traded Hosni Mubarak for Mohamad Hussein Tantawi (who subsequently suspended the Constitution), for Mohamed Morsi (who as President awarded himself unlimited powers), for yet another coup d’etat.

All of this is because of a knee-jerk reaction– ‘if our country is having major problems, we should throw the bums out and let the man on the white horse take over.’  This creates a never-ending cycle in which the fundamental problems perpetuate.  It’s not about any single person or group of people.  It is the system itself that needs changing.

In our system we award a tiny elite with the power to kill, steal, wage war, educate our children, and conjure unlimited quantities of paper money out of thin air.  This is just plain silly. And antiquated. We’re not living in the Middle Ages anymore where we need kings to tell us what to do, knights to keep the peace, and serfs to do all the work (and enrich the nobles).

Yet this is not too far from the system we have today.

This is because people have become dependent — on Big Agriculture for their (processed) food, on Big Media to tell them what to think about, and Big Government for sustenance they are either unable or unwilling to provide for themselves.  So long as that dependency remains in place, there is no point in confronting the monstrous Leviathan that now controls our lives–even if the current form is removed, the people would simply need a new supplier for their “fixes.”  History shows that such efforts often result in bloodshed and noise… and a situation that merely goes from bad to worse.  Only oneman on a white horse‘ will ever set things right — and He cannot be voted into office or raised to power by any human effort.

The solution meanwhile is to abjure the realm — to become self-sufficient on a small scale outside the ‘matrix’ of powers that collude to constrain one’s actions to a narrowly defined, preselected menu of acceptable options.  Only then can government be put back in its proper box of limited responsibilities–and limited power.  That’s what freedom looks like — and from where it must originate: individual strength and self-reliance.  (Dependence upon God provides the best foundation for this, but I leave that to my non-Christian readers to discover for themselves.)


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