Above the law

More examples of why I say we now have the ‘rule of men,’ not the ‘rule of law’ in this country:

First:  A woman pulled over for a traffic violation chooses to record the stop, and openly notes such to the responding officer… who then responds by physically assaulting her and putting her in jail overnight.  Note the arrogance and air of intimidation of the officer involved: “I know the law better than you” (when in fact, in this case, he didn’t).

Second: shouldn’t those who prosecute offenses against the law be prevented from violating the law in doing so?  In fairness, this particular example is still in play, and may yet result in an affirmation of the rule of law by the Supreme Court.  But in today’s climate (and given SCOTUS rulings in recent years) it would not surprise me if that isn’t the outcome.  Regardless, the known facts of the case illustrate how our legal system (based on an adversarial approach of prosecution and defense) is more about ‘winning’ than it is about ascertaining truth.  This needs to change.

Third: another day, another fatal no-knock raid in the ‘land of the free, home of the brave,’ all in the name of the War of Freedom Drugs.  (Be sure to check out other actions of “LA’s finest” at the end of this story.)  Given this story and the first example above, isn’t it time to revisit the idea of ‘official immunity?’  Should taxpayers continue to be on the hook for large settlements awarded after fairly egregious behavior?  Or is accountability only for the ‘little people’ who pay the bills of the ruling class?

Fourth: the mayor of New York City, a position increasingly known for nannyism by its former and current occupants, announces a major push for traffic safety… then his official caravan is caught breaking enough traffic laws that the drivers — if mere mundanes like the rest of us — would have their licenses suspended.  (Maybe New Orleans can give New York some pointers about holding officials accountable…)

Fifth: higher up the food chain in New York state, the governor’s ‘homeland security’ advisor not only illegally packed heat at work without a proper permit, but used the laser sight on his handgun as a ‘pointer’ during presentations.  (Remember, boys and girls, only the State can be trusted to be responsible with firearms…)  The governor swung into action quickly… retroactively granting the offending staff member a waiver so that he’s “legal” to play with guns at work.

Sixth: the nation’s ‘top law enforcement official’ — the Attorney General — is unable to explain to Congress the Constitutional basis for recent Presidential Executive Orders that modify, not merely execute, laws passed by Congress.

“Do what thou wilt (and can get away with)” seems to be the modus operandi of today’s ruling class.  But the principle still remains: governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed.  And any unjust power they accrue and exercise is also only possible when the people meekly assent to the abuses.

Do you consent to this environment, America?  If not, what are you going to do about it?


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