Crime and (lack of) punishment, 2014

…because the weight of the State is only for throwing against the little people … preferably on a whim that supports pretensions of tyrannical power.

1)  California Democrats block expulsion of a legislator convicted of eight felonies — including not residing in the district he allegedly ‘represents’ (meanwhile, another is facing 24 felony counts)

2)  Department of Veterans’ Affairs destroyed medical records to ‘clear’ backlog

3) The Environmental Racket Protection Agency’s top-paid employee boosted his salary and perks by about $1 million… by pretending to also be a CIA operative.

4) The FCC and IRS continue to be ‘weaponized’ for partisan advantage… and Congress still hasn’t received a full accounting of shenanigans from the 2012 election cycle

This kind of thing is becoming frequent enough that people are starting to take note.  Which is probably why the next international crisis is being carefully prepared in the Ukraine, with a backup in the South China Sea, so that the serfs can be distracted if they get too focused on cleaning house.


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