Barking vs. biting

– After nearly 4/5 of the Crimean population turned out for Sunday’s referendum on rejoining Russia (a greater turnout than any U.S. presidential election since 1900), in which roughly 95% of them voted “Da,” Congress is considering sending a strongly worded note and imposing some sort of economic sanctions.  After they get back from vacation, of course.  (What, you thought a ‘crisis’ worth reigniting the Cold War was serious enough for them to come back to ‘work’ early?  Don’t be silly.)   When they do finally getting around to doing something, naturally it’ll be because Americans think it’s really important we stick our noses in.  Right? (/sarcasm)

– After the 14,598,324th politically convenient modification to the implementation of the “If you like your healthcare, you can keep your healthcare” Act, Congress has had enough.  Now they’re busy passing the ENFORCE act (“Executive Needs to Faithfully Observe and Respect Congressional Enactments”).  No doubt this sternly worded (and oh-so cleverly named) piece of legislation will immediately put a stop to the decades-long trend of increasing Executive usurpation of power. 

– After claiming not to have done anything wrong, but pleading the Fifth multiple times in front of the investigating committee, it appears Lois Lerner won’t even be getting a strongly worded note from Rep. Darrell Issa, much less a subpoena citing contempt of Congress.  (…must resist noting that contempt of Congress is actually a supermajority condition these days… oops…)

Isn’t it grand to live in such a well-functioning Constitutional Republic that has the interests and aspirations of its people at heart?


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