Farewell to the Fox

I’ve been a Firefox browser for several years, but no longer.  This neatly sums up the reasons why I’ve switched to Pale Moon (a derivative of the Mozilla platform, and a temporary selection until I have time to research something even further removed).

Many on the Left are revealing their true colors, now that social attitudes have been successfully shifted (this having been their active agenda for some time).  The treatment of Eich by OK Cupid and Mozilla is just the latest anecdote confirming the underlying illiberal nature of ‘liberals.’

True tolerance involves a ‘live and let live’ approach.  This is the basis for the oft-highlighted increased support in America for so-called ‘marriage equality.’  But it would seem evil demands ‘tolerance’ only until it is in a position to rule, at which point the means to an end is easily discarded and critics treated in they way the former underdogs labelled inappropriate when applied to them.

Two, however, can play that game.  Time to call out the ‘tolerance police’ for what they are: intolerant purgers of the Western, Christian traditions of the recent past.  It’s not tolerance they want: it’s affirmation and compliance.  They may soon find that in shooting for the later they end up losing what they gained of the former.

Rather than let recent events spur similar campaigns against others, “Mozilla delenda est.”


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