Various items of interest that have crossed the (now-non-Firefox) browser recently:

* Twenty-four injured in stabbing at high school:  A few thoughts here.  First, I wonder if there will be the same pious calls for banning knives now as there have been after school shootings (not holding my breath).  The reality is this: someone determined to wreak havoc today has any number of options to do so.  The only way to reduce or remove those options is to kill everyone’s freedom… and that shouldn’t be on the table for discussion.  Second, we need to address the mental depravity in this nation that is causing so many violent outbursts.  Banning guns or other implements just deals with symptoms.  The truth is that we have a frighteningly large number of walking time bombs in this nation.   Whether that’s a function of pharmacology, psychology, or the general creeping nihilism that has been on the rise, this is the heart of the issue.  Literally.  Third, we need a general awakening in this country that evil has to be confronted, not cowered to.  If the narrative is accurate, this is what the passengers of Flight 93 realized on 9/11, and in doing so likely saved the lives of people on the ground.  Our people need to realize the means and the will to fight back are the only things that stands between those with evil intent and utter mayhem.

* Time to pay up, Alvin:  Free speech shouldn’t necessarily remain “free” of consequences when you claim to put your money with your unwise (and flat-out racist) words.  Here’s hoping the remarks at least cost him his elected office, which he has demonstrated he’s unfit to hold.

* When gun-control advocates moonlight as arms traffickers

* Nah, U.S. police aren’t becoming militarized.  After all, doesn’t EVERY town of 7,000 people need its very own Mine Resistant, Ambush Protected Vehicle (MRAP)?   Besides, you never know when you’ll need armored vehicles to round up cattle

* Americans now spend more on Federal and State taxes than on food, clothing and shelter… combined.  Meanwhile, it seems the agency most known for collecting those pounds of flesh isn’t exactly a hotbed of non-partisan neutrality

* America: no margin for error


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