This -n- that

*  Sad to say, there’s likely more wisdom in this incredibly brief commencement speech than is found in many students’ four years of college indoctrination instruction

* Three years after armed federal agents raided Gibson Guitars, there have been no chargesand no day in court, despite the seizure of half a million dollars worth of property

* Logical debate?  Ain’t nobody got no time for them standards and such no more!  (I credit my experience with competitive debate as one of the most challenging and valuable in my high school education.  What this article describes does no one — least of all society — any good whatsoever)

* …because putting a US warship in the Black Sea as a target for buzzing by Russian aircraft wasn’t enough

* Nothing says “unsustainable” like a system that has 86 million contributors and 146 million dependents… and that’s not even counting ‘defense’ corporations!

* It’s official: when Congress passes a law a President doesn’t like (but doesn’t have the guts to veto, knowing full well the backlash that would ensue), he can just sign it and say “I’ll take that under advisement…”   Who needs those pesky checks and balances anyway?

* More and more the question is whether ‘the center can hold.’  And that’s a good thing.  Memory jogger:  “When any government becomes destructive of these ends (life, liberty, pursuit of happiness), it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it, and establish new government…”  That doesn’t have to be a violent process, provided the government found to be wanting doesn’t literally force the issue.

* And finally, a practical SAT question


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