Where was TSA?

For over a dozen years, Americans have allowed themselves to be poked, prodded, embarrassed, X-rayed, and robbed by what is perhaps one of the most obnoxious agencies in the history of the United States: the Transportation Security Administration.  Not content with ‘manning the barricades’ at airports, TSA, like every organization, has followed the bureaucratic mandate of growth, deploying “VIPR” teams inside the country to harass those Americans willing to forego air travel to avoid the cretins.

Yet despite all this seemingly impressive security theater, TSA never has really solved the issue it was intended to address (…but what else is new with government, where actually fixing something puts you out of work!).  As I’ve said on this site before, the front line security is pointless (other than for conditioning a servile attitude in the public) when there are so many other points of entry not nearly so well attended.  The TSA treats the average paying passenger as the most likely threat…

…instead of 16-year-olds sneaking onto runways and climbing into wheel wells right before takeoff:

“It appears that this teenager scaled a section of our perimeter,” Mineta San Jose International Airport spokeswoman Rosemary Barnes told CNN. The boy “was able to proceed onto our ramp under cover of darkness and enter the wheel well of an aircraft.” …

Surveillance camera footage shows the boy hopping the fence at the San Jose airport, the FBI said. There’s also camera footage of him walking across the ramp in San Jose toward the Hawaiian aircraft, the airport said.

Video “is under review by federal and local law enforcement officials here,” Barnes said. “And we’ll continue to review that to determine where, in fact, the teenager was able to scale the fence line.”

That’s not the most important thing to determine.  Nor should the focus be on the fact the boy survived a trip that should have killed him, interesting as that is.

No, the most important thing to ask is that why, if there is footage of his entry to the aircraft, nobody in security noticed the action at the time or prevented the aircraft from taking off!  What if, instead of a 16-year old runaway, this had been a would-be suicide bomber?  We would now be asking what happened to a Hawaiian Airlines flight over the Pacific, and would be having a devil of a time trying to figure it out.

Isn’t this the exact type of scenario TSA is supposed to prevent?  What is the point of shaking down every wheelchair-bound grandmother at the public entrances to the airport, if your ‘secure areas’ are anything but?  Seems to me the resources are weighted toward the wrong threat vectors!

Some say the current administration is ‘the greatest fraud ever perpetrated on the American people.’  Personally, I think TSA gives it a good run for the title.  I seriously doubt there will be any accountability for this.  Whomever was supposed to be paying attention to the camera feeds that night will continue to draw a paycheck from Uncle Sam.  At most, they might be ‘reassigned’ to give the appearance of propriety, but that will be the extent of it.

And who knows, maybe it’s considered a good career move (and more fun) to be taken off camera feeds and placed at the gate, where you can exercise your au-thor-ah-TIE on the American sheeple.  It’s long past time those sheeple ask why, if the uber-presence of surveillance and ‘security’ can’t prevent a teenager from climbing onto a jumbo jet, just WHAT is it really there for?  Caution: the answers to that question may require confronting reality.

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