Signs that don’t work

The Wall Street Journal makes much ado about today’s shooting at a FedEx facility in Georgia, noting the town is one of several that have passed ordinances “requiring” households to own a gun (though the article acknowledges both the pertinent facts that these ordinances are NOT enforced, and yet Kennesaw still has the lowest crime rate in its county).

More telling is the photo the WSJ chose to accompany their, um, ‘news storyeditorial hit piece (click to enlarge):


What are those signs on the wall of the FedEx facility?  None other than the increasingly ubiquitous “No firearms/weapons allowed” notices.  Now, maybe today’s shooter couldn’t read. But I think the graphics (and the fact there are TWO of them right together) would have been enough to tell him he was breaking the law… before he further broke the law by shooting six people before killing himself.

All this, the Journal would have you deduce, is because those eeeeeeeeevil Georgians are fond of their right to bear arms.

What a crock.

The shooter wasn’t interested in the rules… against carrying OR against murder!  Why do you suppose this mass shooting took place at FedEx, instead of one of Kennesaw’s quaint residential neighborhoods?  Surely it couldn’t be because the shooter knew he’d be the only one armed at FedEx?  And I’m sure similar calculations have NOTHING to do with the rising body counts all across the country at public schools, movie theaters, shopping malls, and so forth.  After all, these places have so little in common.

Except for those signs.

Rabid opponents of the 2nd Amendment, concealed carry and “shall issue” laws repeatedly make the (mistaken) claim that easier permitting and carry will lead to ‘wild west’ type shootouts.  They say they’re trying to keep the body count down, in essence.  But ask yourself if fewer than six people (besides the shooter) might have bled today if someone else in that facility had been armed and able to respond at once.

It’s said over and over that “all that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”  And yet it seems our society is determined to make sure the good guys are disarmed and having to wait for the police to come tag the bodies and photograph the scene.


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