It’s come to this

UPDATE: Weapons of Mass Distraction, indeed…

Yesterday, Congress voted to hold Lois Lerner, a former IRS official believed to be at the center of targeting conservative political groups with the power of that nefarious agency, in contempt of Congress.

Which, as Erika Johnson points out, means the case is now formally referred to the Department of Justice… whose head, Attorney General Eric Holder, is also formally in contempt of Congress…

Considering the fact the first thing the ‘Justice’ Department (an increasingly Orwellian name) did after the Holder vote was to announce they would not prosecute their boss, I doubt Lerner needs worry much about the possibility of fines or imprisonment, either.  It’s clear Congress cannot count on the assistance of the Executive branch to go after issues in the Executive branch.  So, what now, legislators?

Meanwhile, on the local level, where’s the accountability for a cop who runs a stop sign, hits another car, causes lots of damage and injury… and then falsely charges the other driver with being under the influence?  (Bonus: the offending officer, now having to account for video evidence of his perjury, is apparently filing for permanent disability despite the fact it’s the woman he hit who had her neck broken…)

Rule of law?  Pshaw… that’s so 18th Century… our ruling elite is apparently much too sophisticated for that quaint notion now…


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