Historically illiterate

In a sane world, this would result in one losing one’s teaching job:


Let’s break this down, shall we?

– “NAZI” is an acronym for the National Socialist German Workers’ Party.  Hmm.

– Their “25-point program” wasn’t exactly friendly to capitalist processes.  Hmm.

– “The Road to Serfdom” was written in defense of the free market and freedom, and against the idea of centrally planned economies such as both Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union.

That latter point is the most important.  Somehow, in the years since World War II, people have been brainwashed to see Nazism and Communism as opposite ends of the “left-right” spectrum.  They are not.  They both fall on the command economy side of the spectrum.  Hitler and Stalin battled over which band of thugs would rule and under what banner, *not* over some radically different idea of how human society should be ordered.  Both the Nazi and Soviet regimes were centralized, genocidal evils.

So when leftists today accuse their political opponents of being  “Nazis,” understand they are simply historically illiterate.  Not to mention idiots.  The true “right” side of the political spectrum doesn’t reside under a swastika.  Rather, those who live there are suspicious of any national emblems and “calls to the colors,” because what they really want is the radical agenda of leaving others the hell alone.  They are the minarchists, which is as far from overbearing centralized authority as you can get.

Now, can we please dispense with ‘teachers’ who are still parroting Uncle Joe Stalin’s equation of Nazism with capitalism, half a century after everyone should know better?   (End rant)

Do YOU know what’s being taught in YOUR kids’ schools?


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