The food police just got serious

How else to explain why yet another Federal agency — this time the Food and Drug Administration(!) — is soliciting bids for some serious firepower?

A May 7th solicitation by the U.S. Department of Agriculture seeks “the commercial acquisition of submachine guns [in] .40 Cal. S&W.”
According to the solicitation, the Dept. of Agriculture wants the guns to have an “ambidextrous safety, semiautomatic or 2 round [bursts] trigger group, Tritium night sights front and rear, rails for attachment of flashlight (front under fore group) and scope (top rear), stock collapsible or folding,” and a “30 rd. capacity” magazine.

They also want the submachine guns to have a “sling,” be “lightweight,” and have an “oversized trigger guard for gloved operation.

That last is probably because even the FDA wants to play SWAT.  Maybe the next time the First Lady dispenses nutritional edicts, everyone will listen!

Joking aside, it’s high time Congress reign in the armed wings of all these federal agencies.  Not every federal bureaucrat needs access to such hardware, unless the objective is a police state…


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