Various driftwood collected from the vast seas of the Internet in and amongst a very busy personal schedule lately:

– PBS Frontline has done a two-part, three-hour documentary on the ravenous growth of the National Security Surveillance State after 9/11.  Both parts can be found here (or here and here on YouTube).  It’s an investment of time, but well worth it.  It’s worth keeping in mind that Valerie Jarrett, the President’s key advisor, is making “jokes” at college commencement that “we have ways of finding out everything you’ve been doing online.”   As the Instapundit points out, that’s about as funny as when the President “joked” way back in 2009 about auditing his political enemies.

– Incidentally, the NSA thanks everyone who uses Facebook on their mobile phones… it’s so much easier than installing microphones everywhere…

– Speaking of ever-increasing power, the Executive Branch just put half a million acres of the United States off limits to economic use by Americans

– Ron Paul weighs in on the various interests who have a financial stake in stirring the international pot

– The state of the economy?  According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, in 0ne out of every five families in the U.S., not a single person is employed

– Calculating the true costs of college

– So where is the comparable alternative to the Republicrat monopoly in the U.S.?


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