Why do we have a “defense” department?

Would you be concerned if the government announced it expected roughly eight to ten divisions to invade the United States… but was making preparations to host them, rather than keep them from entering?

It has:

A city-sized rush of about 120,000 illegal immigrant children and teens from Latin America is expected to crash through the U.S. border this year, twice the administration’s prediction, leading humanitarians to seek much more than the $1.5 billion spent to handle the runaways.

U.S. authorities report that there was massive surge in May of children trying to escape crime, drug gangs and sexual exploitation in Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, leading them to cast aside the administration’s prediction of 60,000, which was still more than twice the 24,000 apprehended last year…

Unlike adult illegal immigrants, children crossing the border on their own are generally linked up with family members in the United States and helped through the immigration process, not sent home.

The article says the sudden wave of children is due less to the appeal of America than it is fleeing crime and violence in their homelands.  That may well be, given the economic miasma our ruling class has created.  And I’m not unsympathetic to the fact there are tens of millions around the world for whom relocating is their best chance to improve life.

But let’s enumerate a few premises here:

1) Despite the Statue of Liberty’s plea to “give me your tired, huddled masses,” the U.S. can never absorb or give refuge to all the suffering people of the world.

2) Attempting to do so places further strain on an already burdened and broken society here.  What is ‘humane’ about that, unless your equalitarian impulse is so strong you’re not happy unless all are equally miserable?

3) No nation is sovereign unless it is able to choose who gains entrance and who does not.  A wise nation will ensure those who are invited to join and partake of their society will be a net enhancement (talent, energy, civility), rather than a dependent.

Is it clear yet that the leadership of the U.S. has no intention of following any of the premises above?  Keep in mind, this additional “ten divisions” of new immigrants will be added to the more than 40 million foreign-born already living in the U.SEveryone who believes any society can try to absorb that many newcomers without undergoing fundamental alteration is fooling themselves.

We cannot prevent all evil in this world from displacing people.  We can, if we choose, try to keep the rising tide from overwhelming us here as well.

The fact our nation seems powerless–or unwilling– to prevent such massive waves of people from crossing its borders would indicate that our hundreds of billions in ‘defense’ spending is rather ineffective.

But then, the “Defense Department” is a rather Orwellian name for what is really the Department of Offensive Meddling in Other Nations’ Affairs.  It’s not really focused on defense of the U.S. itself.  I fear most people understand and accept that subconsciously now, or else there’d have been more questioning of why we need BOTH a “Defense Department” and a “Department of Homeland Security.”

It’s simple:  The first one pokes the hornets’ nests abroad, often contributing to if not outright causing some of the displacement problems in the world in the first place.

The second one is a political entity that can be told not to enforce the border because the “right” kind of refugees are coming in and it’s considered a political advantage.

And just think: your taxes fund it all… except to actually, you know, defend the country.


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