Flood stage

I’m but one of a chorus of voices over the last several years warning of the rising tides breaking down American society.  Even with eight-plus years of doing this, I have to say that as I look around me these days, it is difficult to want to comment.  I believe the tipping point is in the rear view mirror, and what lies ahead is merely the consequences of our failure to confront issues long before now.  These may take a little time still to fully manifest, but there is no longer any question they’re coming.  This assessment (along with a ridiculously crowded personal to-do list of late) has contributed to a slowing down in posts to this site.  At some point even those of us who care deeply about this land have to pose the infamous question “what difference, at this point, does it make?”  As passionate as I am about the principles on which this venture was successfully founded, I realize I’m just a “voice in the wilderness,” and there are few who want to listen.  Those who can read the signs and portents have done so, and are doing whatever due diligence they believe appropriate.  In the case of some close relatives, I’ve recently learned that includes emigrating to another country.  For good.

I’ve done research on what the options might be if the Musketeers, their Mom and I felt we had to leave.  And I’ve been aware in recent years there are a growing number of Americans who are saying goodbye to Uncle Sam–not only emigrating but renouncing their citizenship as a personal declaration of independence.  With this recent revelation, that’s no longer an abstract concept.  It’s difficult to describe the sadness of realizing where we are as a society.  Geographically, there is still a country called “the United States.”  The nation of “America,” however, is all but dead, carved deliberately into competing factions whose collective rejection of the founding principles of limited government, personal liberty/responsibility and the rule of law only serves the puppetmasters in the boardrooms and the Beltway.  For those who have “eyes to see,” the future is here: lawlessness, decay and the increasingly heavy lash of the State.  We have forgotten the lessons of history, and if  you think college tuition is out of control wait till you see the cost of this remedial course.

As the nation enters its death throes, is it any surprise the vultures have descended en masseThe word is out around the world: the defenses are down, and now is the time to come pick the carcass, before there is nothing left.  Our leaders seem only too eager to encourage that, as it benefits them politically.

Even for a Monday, this is a somber reflection.  But it is borne of grief, not despair.  This is when an eternal perspective makes all the difference.  Nations rise and fall, and have done so throughout history.  Truth, however, and the principles that derive from it, endure.  They may be lost for a time to abandonment or neglect, but they remain nonetheless.  Generations may suffer for ignorance of them, but they are always there to be reclaimed and reapplied by those willing to acknowledge their authority.

But first, as the name of this site conveys, one has to admit one is on a wrong road before one can switch to the correct one.  Regardless whether a nation does this or not, every individual retains this choice — and the promise that repentance will be honored.



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