Faulty premises

A senior GOP congresswoman has publicly called for the president to deploy National Guard troops to the border.

This appears to assume that:

– Only the president can employ the National Guard

– The president in interested in stopping the massive invasion in progress.

Both premises are false.  Notwithstanding the fact the congresscritter in question wears Team Elephant gear, it should be abundantly clear to every American that NOBODY in Mordor (House Dumbo or House Donkey) has any real interest whatsoever in enforcing the border and staunching the flood tide of immigration that has already fundamentally transformed this nation.  Indeed, after a half century of patient management of increasing the flow, it appears The Powers That Be have decided they can safely throw caution to the wind and floor the accelerator.  Certainly, the American people have done nothing to disabuse them of that notion, despite the fact they are being displaced by waves of people who have little to no experience with (much less comprehension of and support for) the worldview and principles that made this nation so attractive to them in the first place.  Between the perennial calls for yet another amnesty and the obvious choices by the Executive branch to act as though the border is just a suggestion, it should be clear the gates have been thrown wide open.

So what to do?  That gets to the first premise.  The National Guard is a State-focused and State-run institution.  It’s true the Feds have usurped and corrupted it to the service of the Centralized State over the last fifty years via the usual combination of dangling funds and using executive fiat.  Guard units today are more accustomed to projecting force overseas than they are protecting frontiers at home.  That doesn’t change the fact that any governor, in Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and/or California, can at any time call out the Guard to deal with an invasion of their State.  That’s what a “guard” is for.  It’s time to stop the trespassers before they cross the border and become our problem several times over.

Doing so would likely lead to the Feds claiming interference with their jurisdiction (i.e. national defense and border security).  If that happened, the governors should simply throw the old pro-immigration canard back at them that they are “just doing the jobs Americans (in the Federal Government) won’t do.”  I imagine at that point, Mordor’s minions might attempt to federalize said Guard units in order to stand them down.

Wouldn’t that just further reemphasize their active abetting of this invasion?  A president telling Guard troops to stand down and allow their State (and all of the others) to be overrun?

I suspect the day is rapidly coming where not just Guard troops, but all Americans are going to have to decide where their loyalty lies: with an out-of-control District of Corruption, or with the principles the nation was founded on and to which it desperately needs to return (especially federalism and limited, locally focused governance).  If governors like Rick Perry of Texas and Jan Brewer of Arizona are more than just talk, they will take action to defend their State.  Here’s a hint: appealing to the Fed to check the Fed *isn’t* a viable approach (just ask those who’ve pleaded with the Justice Dept to get to the bottom of both its own misconduct and that of other agencies such as the IRS).

This is an invasion, Uncle Sam is collaborating, even knowing what the likely result may be (as few societies willingly consent to their own destruction at the end).  Treat it as such.  Call out your State troops to defend their homes, their neighbors and native land.   Let the moment of clarity come as it may… the nation is in dire need of a wake up call in order to understand what is happening to it.

“When any government becomes destructive of these ends (life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness)…”  If we’re to follow in the footsteps of the Founders, we need to act in a way worthy of that mantle.

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