– According to the New York State Supreme Court, it’s now the consumer’s fault if they fall for deliberately misleading product statements.  Caveat Emptor is one thing; legalizing fraud is something else.  If this precedent stands it will require every consumer to fact-check every statement made by someone selling something… or lose any recourse when it turns out to have been misleading.  This, no doubt, will create a climate favorable for the resumption of expanding commerce and economic prosperity (/sarcasm)

– Apparently, NOBODY’S email at the IRS is archived properly.  What do you bet they blame it on insufficient tax revenue next?

– After months of pushing the narrative that voters aligned with the Tea Party are just ignorant and racist, the Corporate Media is shocked–shockedat the idea they can also be college professors capable of ringing true enough to unseat the #2 Republican in the House of Representatives.  Hint: that’s what ideological blinders and a habit of building straw men will do for you…

None dare call it evil.  Yet.  Maybe after a few more bloody data points?

– An interesting trend line

– And finally, a reminder as primary season continues for this election cycle: NO INCUMBENTS, PLEASE!


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