King-sized ego

The President’s critics (including me) frequently accuse him of acting more like a monarch than an executive charged with ‘faithfully executing the laws.’

So naturally, the ‘most transparent administration ever’ (sic) decides to have a little fun with the official White House Twitter account:


It’s one thing when the president’s acolytes openly wish he could rule by fiat.  It’s quite another when such fantasies are conveyed by official statements and gestures.  And considering the nihilistic, God-less nature of the whole ‘Game of Thrones’ world, what does it say that POTUS is role-playing ‘top of the heap’ with that motif?

Yes, I realize they’ll say it was a light-hearted jest.  It’s more of a taunt, particularly given all the scandals bulging under the rugs.  And it’s not funny.

Not even close.



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