It’s been one of those weeks where I’ve had just enough time to sort of keep up with the broad brush of the latest shenanigans, but not a lot of time to comment on them.  Sadly, just pointing out all the shenanigans at this point would be a full time job.  There’s an idea: what if we had people whose occupational purpose in life was to report on new developments, to include ‘naming names’ for those who have been up to no good.  We could even call such people who reported such information ‘reporters.’  They could keep the average citizen, who has plenty of other things to do besides dig through webs of deceit and subterfuge, informed on what their government is doing.

If only

So… in the interest of augmenting what the Associated Press, local newspaper or 5 o’clock report might not have seen fit to add in recent days:


– Uncle Sam’s motto seems to be morphing from “E Pluribus Unum” to “The hard drive ate the email.”   One would think that if multiple Federal agencies are having so much trouble preserving records they are legally required to preserve, that heads would roll.  Not so much.  (Note that link is from TWELVE YEARS AGO… and it doesn’t seem to have gotten any better in the accountability department since then.  It’s enough to make you wonder if anything is a firing offense.)

– We may be under invasion, but our elites want to remind us that “it’s for the children.”  As always.  (Except when protecting them is considered less important than enabling predators, of course.)

– Still think there are really two different governing perspectives in Washington?  There is *only* the pro-government party, which wears “home” and “away” jerseys as convenient.  So who’s looking out for us, instead of the power of the ‘national parties‘?

– …and as the power of the ‘national party’ and its ruling class grows, so does the police state to support and protect it.  (What… you thought the police ‘served and protected’ YOU?)

– Current US foreign policy in a nutshell: keep throwing money at various fighting groups in the hope one of them might turn out not to be the planners of the next 9/11.  Isn’t there something better we could be doing with half a billion dollars?  Haven’t we “helped” that part of the world enough yet?

– Homeowners associations: breeding grounds for petty tyrants. And where’s the justice in a compact (or legal system) that can lead to a lien and foreclosure for a display of the nation’s flag? Seriously?

– Too bad Obamacare ‘snuck’ by the Supremes.  Hopeless Change, indeed…


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