Feigning poverty and false virtue

From the NY Post:  Why Democrats insist on lying about how ‘poor’ they are

When Harry Reid first made his comment sometime back about the Democrats having few billionaires, I couldn’t help but snort “George Soros-Mark Zuckerberg-Bill Gates” in response.    But these excerpts really nail the issue:

The Dems are a coalition of ultra-rich cultural-elite donors on the one hand and government employees and their clients on the other. In 2012, President Obama carried those earning under $50,000 by a wide margin. But Romney easily bested him among those over that threshold.

Ever wonder why the Democrats seem to want to keep people poor?

But there’s another reason Democrats can’t talk about their wealth. It’s because they can’t say, “I made it big. Follow me and you can, too.”

Democrats earn their money in ways that aren’t available to most Americans. Yet even for Democrats, the Clintons got rich in an exotic way. They accumulated something like $100 million not by building a business or inventing something or even writing some hit songs. Their entire fortune came from political celebrity.

If the Clintons had gotten rich inventing Facebook, that fortune would have spawned many others. But celebrity honoraria don’t work that way.  Drug dealers create more middle class jobs than these people do.

It’s past time for the pols on both sides of the aisle to stop trying to pretend they’re “of the people.” By and large, their lives bear little resemblance to those who, in the immortal words of George Bailey to Old Man Potter, “do most of the working and paying and living and dying in this community.”   They love to talk about the nefarious “1 percent.”  They never seem to get around to mentioning that’s who THEY are.

Want a Congress that “looks like America?”  Send these patricians back to their estates this fall.  NO INCUMBENTS, PLEASE!


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