Today’s summary

Victor Davis Hanson sometimes tends to favor a more activist/interventionist foreign policy (particularly use of the military) than I do, but he is an astute observer of the decline of Western Civilization and its signature institutionsHis summary today of “The summer America fell apart” is a worthwhile review.  As he puts it, “The scandals now come so fast and furiously that we no sooner hear of one than yet another new mess makes us forget it.”

Some parties are counting on that to feed into America’s Attention Deficit Disorder.  Which is why, regardless who is responsible for shooting down a civilian airliner that had no business flying the route it was flying (why isn’t THAT question being asked more?), the public needs to make sure it doesn’t thoughtlessly engage in another anti-Russian Two Minutes’ Hate that causes us to forget what our officials are doing (or not doing, in the case of border enforcement) at home.

Foreign crises are often the last refuge of domestic scoundrels.  As we get ever closer to the 100th anniversary of the start of World War I, we’d do well to keep that in mind.


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