Why even bother?

Apparently, the State Department has lost the ability to issue visas for travelers to the U.S. due to computer issues that appear to be a serious problem:

American visas have become literally unobtainable in all consulates worldwide for nearly two weeks as IT specialists have struggled to fix the country’s malfunctioning consular database.

The US Consular Consolidated Database (CCD) at the State Bureau of Consular Affairs “is currently experiencing technical problems with our passport/visa system,” US State Department deputy spokesperson Marie Harf revealed at a media briefing, adding that the database has actually been “experiencing intermittent performance issues for several months” now.

This is no small thing, as plenty of professionals of various stripes have had their travel interrupted, which will cause innumerable headaches for various business dealings.  Not to mention the lost tourism money (hey… there are still people crazy enough to want to vacation here!).

One wonders, though, why we’re even issuing visas anymore.  After all, if these inconvenienced travelers were to make their way to Mexico (admittedly difficult since Uncle Sam’s holding their passports hostage during the computer outages) and cross the Rio Grande, well, they’d be welcomed with open arms!  Heck, they’d even get benefits!

So on the one hand, the administration/government refuses to secure the border against those trying to enter illegally (i.e. keeping them completely out of the country), instead transporting them all over the U.S. when experience shows most will never show up for their scheduled ‘hearings.’  In this manner, Uncle Sam has become a knowing accessory to a massive invasion of the country.  On the other hand, the government is so ridiculously inept that it can’t maintain the process for people who have a legitimate reason to travel here to actually do so!

Add to that the fact we’re now repatriating Americans with Ebola to treat them here for the first time instead of overseas where they picked up the deadly virus, and I think you have the very definition of an insane system!

Can someone give me a good reason (other than avoiding brute government force) why, when government is managing basic responsibilities so poorly even as it seeks control in areas that are none of its business, that the citizenry should feel any obligation to continue supporting it?  This is what the average American works roughly a third of the year to support with their taxes?  Really?  Shouldn’t we all be zeroing out as much as possible the Federal withholdings from our paycheck, and planning to refuse, en masse, to file our 1040s next April?

Americans seem at least aware of and upset with the illegal invasion part of all this.  But lighting up phone lines in Congress is an insufficient response at this point.  Particularly since this post only touches on a small part of the way government today is completely broken and ineffective except for protecting an elite class of cronies who have no loyalty at all to the American nation in its historical form.  There need to be large, sustained demonstrations demanding resignations — starting with the resident of 1600 Pennsylvania, but not stopping there.  That there are none tells me this nation has literally lost the will to live.



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