Why even impeachment won’t stop the rot

This is an excellent analysis of the political climate in which our nation finds itself:

Impeaching Obama misses the bigger part of the problem, namely a Democratic party so partisan that it places its desires above the Constitution. This party not only supports its own executive regardless of the Constitution but, in the past, was ready and willing (but it lacked the requisite majority) to remove the opposite party’s president simply because it disagreed with him. Quite simply, the Democratic Party is moving beyond the Constitution because a majority of its voters is doing so. But how does one impeach a party that represents a substantial part of the body politic?

What is the solution? The Constitution offers only the prayer that patriotic good sense will prevail. But in its absence? The Hydra-like Administrative State in which we now live offers so many temptations to stick it to one’s least favorite people as to render it unlikely that rival sectors of society will divorce amicably and agree to let the other live in its own way.

That’s the trouble with centralizing power — it becomes too tempting to wield to force the “others” to comply with your agenda, or to dispense favors in order to remain in power, regardless the effect on the nation as a whole.  Make no mistake: the GOP in its own way is just as guilty of putting partisan gain ahead of Constitutional compliance (i.e. tell me where in the Constitution there’s authorization for a Federal prescription drug benefit such as that passed under Bush the Younger, particularly one that adds to the deficit as that one did).

When one reads the writings of the Federalists (and the lesser known but just as important anti-Federalists), it is inescapable that the Constitution was designed after thorough hashing out of fundamental principles such as the separation of powers.  The problem today is that it’s never about principles… only powers.  This is the core reason so many things cannot be ‘fixed.’

We only deserve better if we demand better.  Trouble is, when it’s “our guys” in power, we don’t seem to mind the accumulation of power so much.  That’s why if I had but one wish as a starting point for reform, it would be to ban political parties altogether.  Get rid of these powerful, extra-legal organizations that pre-select our candidates for us, ensuring that only one viewpoint (the Statist one) is represented in Mordor.  Make every new Congress have to work amongst itself to form coalitions based on members working with each other, rather than arriving already pre-stamped Donkey or Elephant.

If nothing else, perhaps future generations will be able to look at our time, then re-read the writings of the patriots of the 1770s and conclude “yep… they knew what they were warning about.  Now let’s not do that again…”  That might at least salvage something out of the mess that is the present.


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