This -n- that

Various ramblings and rumblings that have come to my attention of late:

1.  If this is the state of graduate-level education in America today then yes, weep for the future:

Some 25 students participated in a sit-in at the University of California at Los Angeles after a professor corrected the capitalization, grammar and punctuation of a minority student’s paper, the Daily Caller reported Tuesday.

Members of the group “Call 2 Action: Graduate Students of Color” organized the sit-in and said the mere act of correcting a black student’s paper was “micro-aggression.”  (emphasis added)

2.  And isn’t it interesting that at a time when there are more college degrees floating around than ever before, we seem to have forgotten some fundamentals as a nation?  Could it be there’s a difference between having a degree, and having an education?

There has been a lot of handwringing in recent years about how divided Washington is, and how it’s difficult for the parties to come together on anything. But the reality is that the states are divided among themselves.

The architecture of the Constitution offers a natural solution to this problem. Instead of trying to solve every issue at the national level, power should be shifted back to the states. Those states whose residents are willing to pay higher taxes for more government services should be free to do so, as should states whose residents are willing to forgo government benefits in favor of lower taxes. Under such a system, instead of bitterly hashing out every issue in Washington, Congress could be focusing on a limited range of issues.

3.  While we’re at it, as long as we’re willing to centralize all power in D.C. on every important issue, why don’t we just vest the power in one person to get the job done?  What’s the worst that could happen, right?

4.  Here’s another great idea: indicting public officials when you disagree with their attempts to hold others accountable.  I’m sure that politicizing what little remains of our ‘justice system’ will work out well…

 Governor Perry “threatened” to veto a bill that funded an office unless the person who was currently sitting in that chair stepped down.  He did this after said person was arrested for drunk driving at something around three times the legal limit of intoxication.  Oh, and did I mention that the office in question was the DA?  In other words, the person responsible for prosecuting, among other things, drunk driving?

5.  And finally, as the all-too-familiar racial narratives play out in Missouri (whether supported by facts or not), let’s not lose the opportunity to continue discussing just how heavily armed we want our police forces to be… and how much we’re willing to let them preempt demonstrations of the people’s concerns.  Militarized police forces are not conducive to the exercise of Constitutional freedoms…


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